Is Jesus our role model? Can we be like him?

The goal of this teaser for the Following Jesus Project is to build awareness about our video, and to assist with fundraising. We thought the best way to accomplish this is to showcase our work in a way that opens a small window into the vision we have for this documentary, which we are filming this summer as we travel across the United States.

In the Teaser, we plant the idea that Jesus is our chief role model, and raise questions about what it would look like to be like him. Not that we have all the answers, but these questions will frame our perspective as we film this documentary.


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Keystone Project video

Special thanks to the team at Keystone Project in Houston, Texas for this!

Keystone Project is one of the unique organizations we visited during our film trip this summer. This is a promotional video that highlights their organization and the international community they serve in Houston. It’s also a preview of some of the footage you can expect to see in our coming documentary, the Following Jesus Project.

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